Carolyn Stern is a consummate piano technician. She carries on the Pine family tradition with decades of experience, love for and deep knowledge of the instrument, and a welcome presence in any home or studio.  There is no one better in Columbia County.
Enid Futterman, Claverack, NY

Carolyn has been tuning our Steinway piano these past 5 years. Her hands and ear work magic together. After each tuning our piano sings with such precision and subtleties.  Carolyn is a master tuner and a wonderful human being!
Lisa Vahradian, Claverack, NY

Carolyn has been taking care of our piano since 2004. It is in our vacation home, so it endures big changes in temperature. Making appointments is challenging because we often have to coordinate with our caretaker. Carolyn has always taken charge of the arrangements so that she can work on the piano twice a year. The piano sounds excellent - in tune, beautifully voiced , is easy to play, and has never needed any major work.
Steven W, Hillsdale, NY

Carolyn Stern has been tuning our Yamaha full upright piano every six months for the past eight years. She has also installed a humidifier system that has made a huge difference over the years, given the extreme weather and the drying effects of our wood stove. I would recommend her to anyone who cares about their piano. Carolyn is very skilled, reasonable and punctual.
Charlene Paden, Craryville, NY

Carolyn Pine of Pine Piano has tuned my piano for over 20 years.  She is dependable, reasonably-priced, and most important, loves pianos and what makes them sing. My piano looksforward to another 20 years under her care.
Jane Silverman, Great Barrington, MA